The Jupiter Effect

Well here on the South Coast of the UK we’ve been lucky enough to have a really sunny and warm weekend. I know that some of our colleagues in the US are still snowed in, so it may be a little selfish to consider how lucky we are.

However, we have just come out the other side of the “wettest winter since records began/all time/last year” – (depending on which headline you believe) so I think it’s ok to express some enjoyment at a bit of warmth and sunshine on this Sunday afternoon?

wettest winter since records began

I notice how people are all in such better moods, and I find it really interesting how the weather can have such a profound effect.

The author of Jupiter’s Travels – Ted Simon – commented in his book that whilst riding his Triumph around the world in the early 70’s he developed a philosophical approach to the weather. On a long journey, the weather you are experiencing at any moment is transitory, and that even through the worst of storms – the sun is literally awaiting you further down the road.

I love his approach. My version is that weather is a matter of ‘height’.

I also love riding motorcycles – being exposed to the elements and really experiencing things as you pass through them. Very different to being cocooned in an air-conditioned car where the environment becomes like a film projected onto the silver screen of your windows. My view is that you’re not really ‘there’ in a car; you’re not smelling, hearing, tasting or feeling your surroundings.

Some of my favourite rides have been in horrendous conditions, the water seeping down my back, into my boots, through my gloves. I may sound twisted (that’s a whole other blog!) but despite the problems, I love ‘BEING THERE’ and really living the experience – precipitation and all. You know you’re alive.

It’s a philosophy that helps me remain positive when times are tough, and balanced when things are great. It’s easy to get glum when it rains, when the workscape is barren, when things are challenging – but actually, if you can see past the immediate downside of things, and truly take the time to experience what’s great about your landscape, this journey we are all on really is the most excellent of rides.

Weather is a matter of height

I am learning that this world of #VO seems to be impacted by many things you can’t control, but I have always firmly believed that there’s no point focusing on that which you cannot control – it only gets you down! There’s only benefit in working hard at the things you can influence, and I think in our world that’s the ‘craft’ of what we choose to do?

At half midnight when I got the e-mail asking for a couple of minor ‘tweaks’ – and at 7:00 this morning when I was re-recording them, it was still easier for me to see how cool it is doing what we do, than what the downsides can be.

And even when it’s tough to see what’s great about ‘right now’ it is only a matter of time before better things happen – a little further down the road. (Ted told me.)

Anyway, back into the garden now for a bit more sun while it still lasts – it’s gonna rain tomorrow, and my plants will be smiling again.

Have a great day everyone




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