I LOVE Mondays…

It’s Monday morning, and I gotta give vent a little to a frustration.

Look anywhere on social media and what do you see:


“I wish the weekend wasn’t over”

“The weekend’s too short”

Immortalised in Bob Geldoff’s tune in 1979 – “I don’t like Mondays” is a sentiment still alive and well 35 years later.

I know I might come across as ‘Mr Positive’ and I recognise that sometimes it’s annoying – but sorry, life is too short to dwell and focus on what’s WRONG with the world.

What’s the point? There are enough obstacles in life as it is, why focus on them? Why publicise them?

Actually, there is ONE point in recognising the obstacles – to identify how you THEN overcome them. But dwelling in a pit of negativity about how bad things are will only bring you down.

I got one thing to say to these ‘neggys’:

24th of March 2014 will never happen again, and at time of writing there’s 14 hours and 21 minutes of it left – and counting…

What you gonna do with yours?




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