Goodnight Vietnam

We’re all reeling today about the sad news we awoke to regarding the death of Robin Williams.

News like this generally doesn’t impact me on a personal level, I take the view that I hadn’t connected with the relevant celebrity individually prior to their death, so it’s incongruous to feel personally about it when they pass.

So I can’t understand why this had made me feel differently.

Darkness, depression, mental illness, whatever label you give it, it touches us all at some point in our lives. My family were impacted tremendously by such a thing not too long ago – and even after the person has physically left, the anguish remains and sits deep and heavy.

As a voiceover artist, I work on bringing text to life. I don’t class myself as an ‘actor’ in the usual sense, but there are similarities.

Robin Williams brought such depth of personality to every role he acted, and his richness, warmth, humanity. fragility, enduring smile, and unique humour played out in almost every one.

One Hour Photo demonstrated how truly broad his talent was; a dark and, some consider, close portrayal of his inner demons, laid bare for our consideration.

Our generation grew up with Mork, were inspired by Sean Maguire, learned from John Keating and joined in with the struggle of Adrian Cronauer.

We learned today that, if it was suicide, how deeply troubled he was. The result of course is devastating to his family.

He was one of those small group of actors who made us feel like we knew him personally; and yet, sadly, clearly, obviously, we didn’t know him at all. With so much to celebrate about Robin, we know it’s right to consider his ability and genius, left for us to be inspired time and time again.

However, right now, that’s difficult to do – the sadness is just too overwhelming.

RIP Robin, you were an inspiration, a shining light, and I remain ever envious of your ability to grow a remarkable beard.



4 thoughts on “Goodnight Vietnam

  1. Talk Therapies

    I know what you mean about taking it personally. I’m not usually into group grief for someone I never met, but somehow this is different. I think it’s because he’s always been some form of presence in my life. He will be genuinely missed.

    1. steveoneillvoice Post author

      You’re spot on there, that continued presence was a difference between him and most other actors/celebs etc.

      Thank you for taking the time to reply – it’s very kind of you.



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