Stars in your eyes

For anyone hoping to see pictures of Leslie Crowther, Matthew Kelly or Cat Deeley – I’m sorry to have disappointed you!

No this isn’t about people pretending to be Dolly Parton, Elvis or Cliff Richard (the most impersonated stars on that program which this blog isn’t about).

It is about my view and experience of the star rating systems on some pay to play voiceover sites.

Just to be clear from the outset, this is my opinion and my experience, based on my time with Voice123. Their operation is generally good, and I have got some great work from Voice123. I would recommend them as an option for anyone starting out.

However, I have two pieces of advice when it comes to what you should do with the results you sometimes get on an audition when they rank you with 1/2/3/4 stars:

  1. Ignore it
  2. Ignore it

I feel it’s good advice, I named it twice!

Why ignore it?

Because as a new voice talent starting out it will NOT HELP YOU ONE BIT!

In fact, it could damage your career if you change your approach based on the stars.

The thing is this: the voice seekers aren’t responsible for giving you feedback about the audition. The star system is only (sometimes) used by them to rank how close the audition comes to whatever criteria they are setting for the project.

You could have delivered a fabulous audition, clean, clear excellent in quality. But you get one star because the sound they have in their ‘head’ is completely different to you.

Alternatively you may have delivered a poor audition. But because your voice is the same as what they are looking for they may give you three or even four stars. This is because as a starting point it’s closer than many of the other auditions.

None of these things mean you’ll get the job! Nor are they a reflection of how good the audition was. After all what does ‘good’ mean anyway?

If you need feedback- the ONLY way to get honest and balanced feedback is to have your auditions reviewed by a proper voice coach.

Personally I enjoy working with Gary Terzza, he’s cool.

But of course there are many coaches out there. Choose one by recommendation though, not by putting your finger in the ‘Yellow Pages’ under ‘V’. This is for two reasons:

  1. You would need the Delorian/Tardis to go back in time to when the yellow pages was a relevant tool for finding a service provider
  2. An experienced coach who someone has recommended is going to give you the real support you need during the early days.

For example, with the star system if you’re getting lots of 1’s, there’s the possibility you’re auditioning for lots of projects which don’t match your sound. But you’ll never know why – so you’re still in the dark really.

If you start blindly changing things to increase the number of stars you get on an audition, you could end up removing things which ADD to the quality of your work.

In my experience – send the audition, and FORGET IT – unless they come back to you to say “we’d like to work with you”.

While you’re waiting practice practice practice. And while you’re resting, switch on a bit of UKGOLD* and watch another rendition of ‘Islands In The Stream’!!!

Harry Hill’s hosting the new series of “Stars In Their Eyes” next year – now that’s gonna get four stars from me!

Have a great day!


* Other daytime TV Channels are available




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